Florida one-way drive out deals until end of May 2014 from Avis, Dollar, Hertz, National and Thrifty

Maximum Rental times is 7 days for Avis, Dollar and Thrifty. Up to 14 days with Hertz and most generous is National with 21 days.

Dollar and Thrifty has lowest per day price $1.00. But only Economy and Compact cars are being offered with they one-way deal.

Avis, Hertz and National offer $9.95 per day price for car classes from Economy up to Full Size.

Avis, Hertz and national also offer SUV’s (Midsize/Intermediate and Standard) for $19.95 per day and Minivans $24.95 per day



7 day rental price for “best possible” car class on each rental company. No SUV’s in this comparison since not offered or available from all companies. Pickup: Miami Intl Airport and Dropoff: Charlotte Douglas Arpt

Dollar and Thrifty Compact Car Base Rate: $7.00 estimated Grand Total: $67.69

Avis Full Size Car Base Rate: $69.65 estimated Grand Total: $142.86

Hertz Full Size Car Base Rate: $69.65 estimated Grand Total: $134.45 (Hertz charges less for Vehicle License Fee and Energy Recovery / surcharge?)

National Full Size Car Base Rate: $69.65 estimated Grand Total: $137.91 (No Energe Recovery / surcharge fee listed in National quote)

These prices do not include LDW or any optional waivers or fees.


Dollar and Thrifty don’t even disclose the cost of LDW during the reservation process. So you LDW is only offered you when picking up the car along with many many optional extras.

Other’s offer LDW along with other protections like PAI, PEP, ALI etc. Per day price for LDW is Avis $28.99, Hertz $29.99 and National $24.99.

Promotion codes:

Avis AWD: S705900

Dollar: ROUD6

Hertz RQ: ICFLT1



Avis-MIA-CLT-Full-Size Dollar-MIA-CLT-Compact Hertz-MIA-CLT-Full-Size

National-MIA-CLT-Full-Size Thrifty-MIA-CLT-Compact


Avis Germany has Porsche Boxster in their 2013 summer fleet

Avis Porsche Boxster Rental stars from 159 eur / day including 200 km. Porsche 911 Coupe and Cabriolet rates are 208 eur / day including 200 km. Extra kilometers are 1.00 eur / km. Porsche 911 fleet is mainly S models. Porsche Boxster is exciting addition to Avis Germany Porsche Fleet especially as S model. Boxster S performance is close to base 911 Cabriolet. Porsche Boxster is more than 100 kg lighter than 911 Cabriolet.  Airport locations charge location fee 20+%.

Reserve next Avis Porsche Boxster from here.

Porsche Boxster picture from Avis Website.

Avis one way deal – Drive to Arizona, California, Nevada as low as $9 per day

One way rentals from Northwest (Oregon and Washington) to Southwest (Arizona, California, Nevada). List of pickup and drop off locations

Pickup from August 26th through October 31, 2012.

Maximum rental 9 days

Prices from:

  • Economy: $9/day
  • Compact: $9/day
  • Midsize: $10/day
  • Standard: $10/day
  • Full Size: $10/day
  • Intermediate SUV: $19/day
  • Standard SUV: $38/day
  • Standard Elite SUV: $38/day

Prices do not include LDW, LIS, VCLR, Airpor/hotel/concession recovery fees, energy surcharges or any other additional fees you can think of. Except of course drop of fee which is waived as long as your rental does not exceed 9 days.





Economy: $9/day
Compact: $9/day
Midsize: $10/day
Standard: $10/day
Full Size: $10/day
Intermediate SUV: $19/day
Standard SUV: $38/day
Standard Elite SUV: $38/day


  • Offer valid now for pick up between 8/26 – 10/31/12 one-way rentals only; vehicle must be picked up at a participating Avis Northwest location and dropped-off at a different, Avis participating Southwest location.
  • Rates require a minimum 1- to maximum 9-consecutive-day rental period.
  • Offer valid on Economy (group A), Compact (group B) through a Full Size (group E), Intermediate SUV (group F), Standard SUV (group W), and Standard Elite SUV (group S).
  • Offers may not be available during holiday and other blackout periods; rate surcharges during peak periods may apply.
  • Offer subject to vehicle availability at the time of reservation and may not be available on some rates at some times.
  • Renter must meet Avis age, driver and credit requirements. Minimum age may vary by location. An additional daily surcharge may apply for renters under 25 years old.
  • Rates are non-discountable; they may not be combined with any other AWD number, coupon, promotion or offer.
  • Taxes, concession recovery fees, vehicle license recovery fee, customer facility charges ($10/contract in CA) may apply and are extra. Optional products such as LDW ($29.99/day or less) and refueling are extra.
  • Rates are based on U.S. currency.

Avis Prestige Fleet 2012 Germany – New Porsche 911 (991)

Avis Prestige Porsche Fleet 2012

Porsche 911 (991) and Porsche 911 Cabriolet

Daily rate 199 eur including 200 km.

Avis also has Porsche Panamera (199 eur / day ) and Cayenne (199 eur / day).

Currently looks like that there isn’t new Porsche Boxster or Cayman in their fleet (will update post if this will change once cabriolet season starts).

Airport locations have 20% surcharge.

Porsche’s can be booked from following Avis Prestige stations in Germany: Avis Prestige Stations

Book you next Porsche 911 Coupe or Porsche 911 Cabriolet rental.

Avis One-Way specials to Florida and Piedmont region rates starting 8.95$ day

AVIS One-Way Specials to the South

Great One-Way Transfer Rates from the Northeast to Southeast U.S. Heading south for the winter? At participating corporate-operated locations in Baltimore, the New York Metro area, Philadelphia or Washington, DC, enjoy rates as low as $8.95 per day when you rent one way to The Piedmont or Florida.

Rent one-way to Florida from Sept. 16 through Oct. 31, 2011 on a maximum seven-day rental and enjoy these low daily rates:

Special One-Way Florida Pricing

Subcompact $8.95/day $62.65/week
Compact $8.95/day $62.65/week
Intermediate $9.95/day $69.65/week
Standard (2 or 4 Doors) $10.95/day $76.65/week
Full Size (4 Door) $11.95/day $83.65/week I
ntermediate SUV $12.95/day $90.65/week
Standard SUV $14.95/day $104.65/week

Rent one-way to The Piedmont from Sept. 16 through Oct. 1, 2011 on a maximum four-day rental and enjoy these low daily rates:

Special One-Way The Piedmont Pricing

Subcompact $8.95/day $35.80/4-day
Compact $8.95/day $35.80/4-day
Intermediate $9.95/day $39.80/4-day
Standard (2 or 4 Doors) $10.95/day $43.80/4-day
Full Size (4 Door) $11.95/day $47.80/4-day
Intermediate SUV $12.95/day $51.80/4-day
Standard SUV $14.95/day $59.80/4-day