All New Jaguar XJ launched in London

All New Jaguar XJ has 8-inch dual-view touchscreen in center console which allows passenger watch TV or DVD at the same time as driver uses on-board navigation etc. I think more interesting new feature is 12.3 inch driver side virtual instrument cluster which replaces physical speedometer, rev counter, fuel and temperature gauges. Jaguar XJ is first automotive application of Dolby Pro Logic IIx technology.

Click the picture to see Engadget Video from the cockpit.


RaceChrono RaceChrono is a data logging software for all kinds of sports. It runs on S60 and Windows Mobile smart phones and uses position data from your GPS receiver to determine lap times and performance.

RaceChrono 1.30 is release 5th July 2009. See the changes in new version and download your own copy.

You may also want to check out RaceChrono2AVI. RaceChrono2AVI is a freeware Windows program, that generates a video overlay with gauges from RaceChrono export file.

Download RaceChrono2AVI from here.

See RaceChrono in action.


Youtube video taken in Ahvenisto, Finland. Overlays created with RaceChrono2AVI.

Challenge to find driving heaven (TopGear)

It all started with Top Gears challenge to find driving heaven.

Route: Monte Carlo – Col De Turini – Lake Maggiore – San Bernandino Pass – Chur – Vaduz – Davos – Bormio – Stelvio Pass

It is a great road but I’m not sure if I quite agree that it is the best driving road. East side of Stelvio pass is very narrow. I would not take supercar there unless the road would be closed.