BMW M5 (F10) available for Rental Hertz Germany summer 2013

Hertz has added BMW M5 (F10) to their summer 2013 fleet



In order to book BMW M5 from Hertz you need to call their reservations. Reservation cannot be done online. M5 reservation will go to “request” process which can take couple days.

I dont know which locations BMW M5 is available but I assume biggest Airports and some City locations.

Example prices (your price may vary depending on your possible CDP discounts etc).

1 day rental pickup/return Munich (MUC) Airport:
247 eur (250 km included, CDW with 1500 euro non-waivable excess)

3 day weekend rental starting from Thursday 17:00 to Sunday 17:00
497 eur (750 km included, CDW with 1500 euro non-waivable excess)

CDW is highly recommended and not really sure if they would even rent M5 without CDW. Deductible for BMW M5 without CDW is 85.000 euros (around $110k USD).  So I doubt that any credit card coverage would cover it. BMW M5 list price in Germany  is 103.500 eur without options.

I think Hertz had some mistake rates at first since they included 500 km per day (at least they claim it to be mistake rate).

Hertz telephone reservations:

Telephone number*: +49 1 805 333 535
* This is not toll free number. Costs 0.42 cents per minute. Youcan also call 24/7  Hertz US – International Reservations number

Opening hours:
Monday-Sunday 08:00 – 23:00 

Hertz US Reservations

+1-800-654-3131 (US or Canada)
+1-800-654-3001 (International)

Open 24/7.