Sixt Germany summer 2014 Premium / Luxury fleet

This year Sixt Germany does not seems to have any Aston Martin’s in their fleet unlike last year. However there is selection of several M-series models and also Jaguar F-type both Cabrio and Coupe models.

 BMW M-Series: 

bmw-m135i-5d-weiss-2014 BMW M135 – 235 kW (320 hp) bmw-m5-4d-blau-2012 BMW M5 – 412 kW (560 hp) bmw-m6-cabrio-2d-braun-2012 BMW M6 Cabrio – 412 kW (560 hp)

bmw-m6-grand-coupe-4d-braun-2014 BMW M6 Coupe – 412 kW (560 hp) bmw-m5-4d-blau-2012 BMW 550d xDrive – 280 kW – (381 hp)

Other Premium / Luxury models:

jaguar-f-type-cabrio-2d-silber-2014 Jaguar F-type Cabrio and Coupe

bmw-4er-cabrio-2d-schwarz-2014 BMW 4-series Cabrio (F33) bmw-4er-coupe-4d-grau-2013 BMW 4-series Coupe (F32) bmw-6er-cabrio-2d-grau-offen-2011 BMW 6-series Cabrio (F12)

bmw-6er-coupe-2d-rot-2011 BMW 6-series Cabrio (F13) bmw-7er-4d-schwarz-2012 BMW 7-series (F01) bmw-m6-grand-coupe-4d-braun-2014 BMW 6-series Grand Coupe (F06)

porsche-cayenne-5d-weiss-2010 Porsche Cayanne

BMW M5 (F10) available for Rental Hertz Germany summer 2013

Hertz has added BMW M5 (F10) to their summer 2013 fleet



In order to book BMW M5 from Hertz you need to call their reservations. Reservation cannot be done online. M5 reservation will go to “request” process which can take couple days.

I dont know which locations BMW M5 is available but I assume biggest Airports and some City locations.

Example prices (your price may vary depending on your possible CDP discounts etc).

1 day rental pickup/return Munich (MUC) Airport:
247 eur (250 km included, CDW with 1500 euro non-waivable excess)

3 day weekend rental starting from Thursday 17:00 to Sunday 17:00
497 eur (750 km included, CDW with 1500 euro non-waivable excess)

CDW is highly recommended and not really sure if they would even rent M5 without CDW. Deductible for BMW M5 without CDW is 85.000 euros (around $110k USD).  So I doubt that any credit card coverage would cover it. BMW M5 list price in Germany  is 103.500 eur without options.

I think Hertz had some mistake rates at first since they included 500 km per day (at least they claim it to be mistake rate).

Hertz telephone reservations:

Telephone number*: +49 1 805 333 535
* This is not toll free number. Costs 0.42 cents per minute. Youcan also call 24/7  Hertz US – International Reservations number

Opening hours:
Monday-Sunday 08:00 – 23:00 

Hertz US Reservations

+1-800-654-3131 (US or Canada)
+1-800-654-3001 (International)

Open 24/7.


Sixt Germany added M5 (F10) to their 2012 fleet

Prices start 249 eur per day including 150 km per day. 249 eur day rate requires 10 day rental. For shorter rentals daily rates are higher. Extra km are 0.99 euros. (99 cents).

Price example:

Weekend rental (3 days) pickup and return Sixt Munich Schwabing Luxury Cars.

daily rate € 273,32 and total 819.97 eur.

600 kilometers (200km / Dai; € 0,99 / extra kilometers), Liability insurance, Navigation system, Collision Damage Waiver with theft protection (deductible: € 1500,00). Deductible can be lowered to 0 euros with addtional fee of 21.49 euros per day.

Weekend 3 day rental is “best” deal since it gives additional 150 kilometers over weekday 3 day rental and in general weekday daily rate is higher.  Renting from Airport Sixt location will add 20% location surcharge to rental fees.

If you will be renting from Munich and you are looking for short term (1 day) rental BMW On Demand is option to consider.

Reserve you Sixt M5 Rental from here.

Renting BMW M5 (F10) from BMW On Demand

None of the major car rental companies in Germany currently offers new BMW M5 (F10) in their fleet. However if you are going to Munich Germany (BMW Headquarters) you can rent BMW M5 along with other exciting BMW models like M3, 6-series Coupe / Cabrio, Z4 35i, 550i (F10), 335i Cabrio, 335i Coupe, 135i Cabrio, 135 Coupe, X5 M, X6 M. These cars can be rented from BMW Welt as part of BMW On Demand program. BMW On Demand is BMW’s Driving experience program and is offered exclusively at BMW Welt (Munich Germany).

How it works.
You can only book one month in advance
Minimum booking is one hour. 3 hour booking gives you daytime rental from 09:00 (9AM) to 17:00 (5PM) or nightime from 17:00 (5PM) to 09:00 (9AM) next day.
One hour rental comes with 150km per paid hour. Daytime rental (3 paid hours) or Nightime rental (3 paid hours) comes with 450km. Whole day rental (24 hours) is charged 6 hours and comes with 900 km.
Rental terms and conditions state that maximum rental time is 24 hours but you seem to be able to book longer periods – I dont know how they will handle these situations. But to rent for longer periods it probably makes more sense to rent from Sixt (M3 from 99 eur per day).

Example prices

M5 09:00 (9AM) to 17:00 (5PM) costs 210 eur and comes with 450 km’s. (see example below)

Reservation information
Automobile Pick up location
M5 Limousine
BMW Welt, Am Olympiapark 1, 80809 Munich

Rental start
Rental end
Rental period
Tue, May 22, 9:00 AM
Tue, May 22, 5:00 PM
8 Hours

Change reservation
Insurance Third Party Liability / Comprehensive Cover / Part Insurance Cover) and in each case 750,- Euro deductible


Stundentarif Tag inkl. 150 km pro Std.
Unit price
All around price
210.00€ *

List of currently bookable BMW On Demand cars below. This shows hourly prices. To get daytime or nighttime price (450km) multiply hourly price by 3 and daily (900 km) price (24 hours) multiply by 6.