Renting BMW i8 in Germany

Want to experience electric Sportscar ? You can rent BMW i8 from Sixt in Germany. Weekend price (friday 12 – monday 09)  with 750 km starts 688 eur (£ 532). Loss damager waiver adds cost between 25 eur (2500 eur excess) 53 eur (0 eur excess) per day. Loss damage waiver you should always budget in rental costs unless you are covered with credit card car rental insurance or your personal car insurance.  Additional kilometers costs 1,15 eur (£ 0,88).  4 day weekend (thursday 12 – monday 09) costs 842 eur. with 1000 km .  One week is 1078 eur and includes 1750 kilometers. BMW i8 can also be rented in USA from Sixt Miami branch. If you are looking for rent in Munich you can also rent from BMW Welt – BMW On Demand Service. BMW On Demand is targeted for short terms rentals from 1 hour to maximum of 5 days. Our opinion is that best value is daytime rental from 9:00 morning till 17:00 in the evening whre you will only be charged for 3 hours rental time. So you can rent BMW i8 from BMW On Demand for 8 hours for 300 eur and it includes 450 kilometers and included with liability insurance as well as fully comprehensive an third party, fire and theft insurance with an excess of 1.000 Euros.