Renting Jaguar F-type Convertible in Germany

Europcar, Sixt and Hertz have Jaguar F-type in their summer 2014 fleet.

Europar and Hertz have only Convertible model in their fleet but Sixt also has Coupe model.

Example prices for weekend rental (Friday 12:00 to Monday 09:00).

Europcar 329 eur (including 750 kilometers) 0.44 eur/km
Sixt 525 eur (including 1000 kilometers) 0.525 eur/km
Hertz 650 eur (including 750 kilometers) 0.87 eur/km

All of them have different CDW/LDW coverage which can make quite a difference in the total cost. All these prices are from Non-Airport locations. Airport locations charge approx 20% surcharge.
Europcar F-type is based on their website base model F-type with 340hp. Sixt and Hertz you have a chance of getting S-model with 380hp or even some V8 (495hp) models have found their way to the fleet.

Hertz had major availability issues with already confirmed rentals at least beginning of July. I hope that they have been able to clear those – at least their have been steadily increasing their prices for F-type.

If you are interested in F-type Coupe. Sixt has Coupes but with higher price than Cabriolet. 700 eur for weekend (including 1000 kilometers).

Availability of these cars is limited and only handful of rental stations carry these on their fleet. Most airport stations (with surcharge) and limited number of stations in biggest cities in Germany.

Hertz also has F-type available in Italy and France.

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